Year on the Pokies

Pokie craze has taken Australia by storm. It is estimated that about 15% of Australians gamble regularly, and of this group, 5% of them play pokies at least once per. week. Losses on the total to an astounding $ 12 billion a year pokies. Statistics published by the Productivity Commission reveals that 15% of those Australians who gamble regularly suffer from problmen gambling, while another 15% are at "moderate risk" to become problem gamblers.


So, if these statistics are correct, then what about the other 70% of Australians who play? Commission clearly not good, how much this group uses or how much they do or do not contribute to problem gambling. What is apparent is that it recommends lowering the "intensity of play" on pokies to limit the amount of money one online gambling could lose on these machines at They recommend that the limit on the bet limit to $ 1 per. button push. This will reduce the maximum loss on one machine from $ 1,200 to $ 120 and players would only be allowed to play $ 20 at a time to a machine. It is perceived that this act could help reduce gambling addiction by 10% and generate at least $ 450 million per. year.


With this new type of regulated gambling in place, the Commission wants to branch to online games; not because of the potential revenue that could come from this market but instead because of "risks to the gambler of a growing unregulated international industry." According to the Commission, this action could save 4% of online gamblers from this unregulated kind of game that allows betting "24 hours a day, allows credit betting, has no built-in limits on bets size." Government hopes to restore 4% of gamblers who made online gambling their preferred choice of games. They are therefore appealing on the Australian government to allow online gambling if there is a strict focus on protecting the gambler from possible addiction issues.


Sounds to us like the Commission have good foresight. They understand that the $ 700 million that Australians spend per. year on online gambling could very well go to their economy, particularly in these recessionary Casino angle is to "disguise" their concern about gambling addiction with a beautiful gift wrapping and bow by recommending a reduction in the bet amount. Forgive us for being cynical, but online gambling is here to stay! It's your money, so you should be able to spend it the way you want and online casinos give you the freedom and luxury.